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Model: 995 13 000
This MRC powerpack has been externally modified for operating Z Scale locomotive 10V D.C. Max. By Micro-Trains Line Co. For Micro- Trains Locos 10V D.C. and Marklin Locos 8V D.C. #500-195...
Ex Tax:$86.65
Model: 995 13 001
MRC Powerpack for use with N Scale Trains  ..
Ex Tax:$69.98
Model: 499 45 910
N Scale Telescope Magnetic Wand (1pk)  Used to 'light' the Solar System 'lit' series  Click here for lighting instructions..
Ex Tax:$7.95
Model: 499 00 103
N ScaleUnion Pacific ArroWedge (1 pc) New Road #948004Developed by Union Pacific® in 2013, the Arrowedge® is designed to improve the aerodynamic drag of double-stack trains and have a positive environmental impact during operations. At 48’ long, this tapered housing fits on top of the lead well car ..
Ex Tax:$24.95
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